Select A New Book

What do you do when your current reads are not really what you are in the mood for? Well, you start a new one of course. Which is what I’m doing today. Nothing wrong with my current book selection but at the same time I felt like I wanted to read something a bit different.

wednesdaysisters.jpgI picked up various books and couldn’t decide on one until I chose The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. This is a story about five women who form a sister-like bond one summer. They have many things in common but the one thing they all want to be is writers.

When I read the synopsis of this book I smiled because I remember my best friends from high school. Through the years we’ve stayed in touch and I still consider these girls my dear friends. We have taken trips together, been there through weddings, births, trying times, etc. It’s really something to have such a long and deep connection with friends isn’t it?

Well, and we do have to stay in each other’s good graces as we each have incrimianting photos of one another during questionable fashion phases and interesting hairstyles. Ha,ha. I love my best friends and hope this book reminds me of some of our adventures.

Anyway, what about you? Picked up a new book to read?

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