Secrets Revealed

Okay so maybe I won’t reveal all my secrets but Claire has interviewed me and I don’t want to disappoint. Here we go:

Claire: You always put a quote of the month on your blog, but which quote reflects your outlook on life the best and why?
BookGirl: One of my favorites comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” I’m always signing up for classes because I enjoy learning and trying new things. I’ve taken everything from watercolors, violin, meditation, paper marbling and the list goes on. You should see some of the other things I hope to learn one day.

Claire: If you were to write a novel with the main characters being those from other novels, which characters would you choose and why?
BookGirl: There are so many novels I have found myself sad at ending them because I wish the characters would go on. I would love to revisit the characters from Loving Pedro Infante by Denise Chavez. Tere Avila lives in a tiny border town and is the president of the Pedro Infante fan club. Pedro Infante was a famous Mexican movie star. Throughout the novel we read about her wretched love life, friendships and dreams. I think it’d be great to give Tere another chance and maybe this time make her long for a different Mexican movie idol. Maybe she tires of Pedro Infante and wants the quiet intensity of a Jorge Negrete.

Claire: If you were restricted to only visiting five websites which one’s would you choose and why?
BookGirl: This doesn’t include blogs right? Because I can’t imagine not visiting my blog friends. Web sites I can’t live without would be for book buying; for book talk; my public library for checking out books; Google for searching and for news and articles.

Claire: Which character from which book most represents who you are and how you approach your life?
BookGirl: I’d like to imagine that I’m a bit like Vianne from Chocolat by Joann Harris. I have eclectic tastes, I consider myself a good friend and I do my own thing. Granted I can’t make the all those yummy concoctions but maybe one day I’ll add pastry chef to my list of classes I want to take.

Claire: What are your favourite and least favourite book to film adaptations and what about each swayed your decision?
BookGirl: Favorites would be Remains of the Day and The Enchanted April. I thought the acting and settings were perfect. I can’t think of any least favorites and that’s probably because if it’s a book I’ve loved and the film looks bad or has the wrong cast then there is no way I’ll go see it.

Whew. I think I’m done. Thank you Claire for the interview! Hope you enjoyed the answers.