You know I read a lot of mysteries but it usually takes me a while to catch up with a series. Sometimes that’s not too bad as I can savor all the books yet to be read but on my library visit today I decided to look for the second installment of a couple of series I’m interested in.

I got Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood. The amateur sleuth is Phryne Fisher, a dashing Australian flapper. I thought the first book was fun and I particularly liked the description of Phryne’s clothes. I think there are 16 books in the series now so obviously I’ve got a ways to go.

The other book I checked out was Secondhand Smoke by Karen E. Olson. This series features the smart Annie Seymour, a crime reporter, not afraid to get to the bottom of things. There is one more in the series and the fourth one comes out this fall. Maybe I’ll be caught up by then.

And, the last book I included in my book bag was He Who Fears the Wolf by Karin Fossum. I read the first one several years ago and quite liked it but when I tried to read the second one back-to-back either I wasn’t in the mood for a mystery or maybe this wasn’t for me. Still, I’d like to give this book another chance.

So, any of you catching up on your series lately or feel like you need to go revisit one?

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