Saturday So Far

“Finally, a hundred pages in, she fell for Jane (Eyre) and would hardly stop for meals. When the family went for a walk across the fields one afternoon, they left her with forty-one pages to go. When they returned they found her under a tree by the dovecote weeping, not for the story but because she had reached the end and emerged from a dream to grasp that it was all the creation of a woman she would never meet.”
Excerpt from Saturday by Ian McEwan

That has to be my favorite part of this book so far. I’m half way through this novel and feel a bit like the character described in that quote. I’m falling into the book. I like that feeling.

It’s taken me a while to really get into this book perhaps because I don’t feel a connection with the main character, but now I’m much more into the story and I am anxious to know what happens next.

I really want to finish this book soon, not just because I want to know how it ends, but now it’s several days overdue. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I promise to pay my library fine.