Rush, Rush, Rush

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is rushing around. I wonder sometimes if it’s all worth it? By the time the holiday is upon us everyone is worn out and thinking next year it’ll be different.

I don’t mean to sound negative but it’s almost tiring to just think of the things I need to do before I go on vacation and when you talk to friends it’s the same story. Everyone is busy and just trying to find the right gift, braving the mall crowds and basically making it through another crazy holiday season.

I still need to do some shopping. Ship some goodies to friends and family. I need to think about what I need to pack for my trip. I need to make sure my boss remembers I’ll be on vacation for two weeks. I need to mail out Christmas cards (actually buying them would be a good first step). I want to spend time with family and friends before I go on vacation.

But what I really want to do instead is just grab a good book, indulge in some hot chocolate and relax. Here’s hoping your week is not full of madness.