Reluctantly Reading

My reading has slowed down a bit as I’ve picked up my crafty life again but it’s ok. I enjoy both things greatly. And, I’ve been enjoying my recent read a lot but I’ve just looked at my calendar and realize that my mystery group is meeting next week.

Guess what? I haven’t start the book and I’m leading the discussion. Oh goodness. So I need to put aside my Maisie Dobbs book and start Cup of Ghosts by Paul Doherty. I do love historical mysteries but I tend to love historicals more in the 1800s through present day. This particular story is set in 1322.

So not only do I have to put Maisie aside but I have to go very far back in time. A time period I don’t think I’d ever want to visit even if time travel was possible. Ok, I’m being dramatic. I think the book will be interesting and it’s really just poor planning on my side.

But I do have a favor to ask you guys. My book group will be selecting a YA mystery to read in the Fall and we are going to be making book suggestions at this coming meeting. I read the occasional YA book but can’t think of a YA mystery so if you have one to recommend please let me know!

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