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recommendedI’ve been enjoying a new mystery, The Anatomist’s Wife by Anna Lee Huber, which is the first in a series featuring Lady Darby. It’s set in Scotland in 1830 and the main character is an artist. At times it feels a bit more like a romance than a mystery but it’s an entertaining read.

The little surprise I got though as I was reading this book was that I found this receipt tucked in one of the pages. You May Also Like… and then there are five books recommended based on this purchase. I can’t remember seeing a receipt like this from Barnes & Noble before.

Cool idea and of course it made me want to see what books were recommended. One is a mystery by Carol K. Carr which I wrote about recently so yep, I would like to read that one.  The others though I’d not heard about but they are:

  • The Pericles Commission by Gary Corby. Nicolaos walks the mean streets of Classical Athens as an agent for the promising young politician Pericles. His mission is to find the assassin of the statesman Ephialtes, the man who brought democracy to Athens and whose murder has thrown the city into uproar. Not my usual mystery read but could be interesting.
  • Nightshade on Elm Street by Kate Collins. This is the thirteenth book in the flower shop series. Sounds cute but perhaps a bit too cozy for me.
  • Egypt: The book of Chaos by Nick Drake. King Tutankhamun has died without an heir, and the future of Egypt lies in the hands of chief detective Rahotep. Apparently this is part of a trilogy.
  • A Lack of Temperance by Anna Loan-Wilsey. A new historical mystery series featuring Hattie Davish, a traveling secretary who arrives in a small Ozark town only to discover her new employer has disappeared.

I think of all the books recommended the ones I’d really like to try are the Carol K. Carr books, the Gary Corby books and this new mystery, A Lack of Temperance.

Anyway, that was a fun find. It’s not like I’m at a loss for what to read but I can always add more books to my list. So have you seen one of these before and what was recommended for you? Did you add some new authors to your list?

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