That word seems to be following me a lot this weekend. I went to a Junk Salvation show and saw so many goodies. Vintage items that are given a new life whether it’s turning them into whole new items or simply putting them to use again.

I found some cool paper ephemera for a project I’ll work on this week, a cigar box (don’t you just love these boxes) and a little gift for a dear friend I’ll be seeing later this week.

So the word “reclaim” or “reclaimed” keeps popping up in my mind as I think of new crafty projects and then I also start to think about “reclaiming” as in my time. I have been at my current job for a year and it’s been a long, crazy year. I love what I do but I’m starting to realize that no matter how many hours I work or how much I think about my job, the daily issues, etc. will still be there the next day. It’s time I started reclaiming my personal time for me.

Does this mean I’ll finally be posting more and getting back into conversations in the blogosphere? I hate to make promises. I don’t know but I am hoping that this new word that’s swirling through my mind will help me manifest what I want.

With this in mind here’s a bit of art journaling I did earlier today with my “word” of the day:

Hope you all have a great week ahead and here’s to welcoming a new month with lots of great books.

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