Reading Nook

I thought for sure we were going to wake up to another big ice day and I was all ready for it. I was planning which books I was going to read and all that good stuff but no, no major ice issues and it was business as usual. I guess that’s ok as I’d rather save vacation days for real vacation but it was kind of nice to dream about an extra day for reading.

That made me think of these beautiful cozy reading nooks. I think one of my favorites is this attic renovation. I love the big window and the light color paint. Which one is your favorite?

readingchairI finally bought a reading chair last year so I was able to turn a part of my studio/library into a reading nook. I still need to add a lamp and maybe a little, bitty table would be nice so I could put a cup of coffee/tea on it.

What I really need to work on though is that when I’m deep into bookbinding my poor chair will have papers, rulers, etc. stacked on top and rather than organize I just move to another part of the house to read.

Anyway, what about you, do you have a reading nook or what’s your favorite place to read?

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