Reading Lineup

thelikeness.jpgNormally you know I have a couple of books going on but I’ve been so taken in by The Likeness that it’s the only book that I’ve been reading these past couple of days.

What’s so intriguing to me about this book is that not only am I looking for the motivation of the murderer but also of the investigating detective. Cassie Maddox, who we first met in In the Woods is back and on an undercover assignment. I know that much of what drives her in this book is the outcome of the investigation she was doing in the first book but I think there’s much more to it as well.

I’m really enjoying this book and am so close to the end and that’s why I’ve put aside my other books. I may even finish this one tonight.

After this book I’m looking to start these books:

  • The Best Place to Be by Lesley Dormen. I’m participating in another TLC Book Tour and the author is going to be stopping by my blog for a Q&A later this month. You can see the schedule here so check out the other blogs she’s visiting.
  • The Almost Archer Sisters by Lisa Gabriele. Actually, I did start this book but got a bit sidetracked. I didn’t get too far into it but am looking forward to this tale of two sisters.
  • Dead of the Day by Karen E. Olson. Having recently finished the second book in the series and knowing that the fourth book is coming out next month I really want to hurry up and read this one.

So those are the books I’m hoping to start tomorrow or so but watch another one will cut in line. That always happens to me. I’m guessing you can probably relate to that too, right?

Moving on, just wanted to remind everyone that the Slaves of Golconda are choosing the next book for discussion so stop by the blog, check out the choices and jump in. You’ve got plenty of time as the discussion for the next book won’t start until the end of January.

And, off topic but is it me or is Bloglines acting up again? There were some blogs I hadn’t seen “updated” in a while but today I checked on a couple and realized that I’ve been missing out on the posts. Grr. I hate it when bloglines does that. So if I haven’t stopped by your blog in a while, I apologize but it’s all bloglines’ fault. Well, that and that I’m always behind on my blog reading it seems. heh.

Alright, I’m off to finish my book!

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