Reading Journal

As you probably already know, I’m big on journals. I think currently I have about 7 in progress. I keep several going on at the same time because each one has a different focus. Some I write in almost daily and there are others that I may write in once a month so that’s why there are so many.

In the past I’ve tried keeping reading notes but usually without much success and most of the notes were scattered around on post-its, catch-all journals, word doc, etc. But late in 2022 or so I started seeing YouTube videos and Instagram posts on reading journals/planners.

There is so much creativity out there! Some people go all out with their decorations and designs. Of course as someone who journals, I thought I want to do that too but then I thought, I already have a blog and an Excel spreadsheet where I track my reading so do I really need to add another thing to keep up with? For example, I’ve seen some where readers track their reading hours spent daily or pages read daily. Which is great but again, do I really have the time and energy for all of this?

I started thinking about why I needed this and what I was really looking for was just a notebook dedicated to my reading notes and this time make a concentrated effort to keep up with it. The reason is that as you know, I’m always behind on book reviews so if I can take some notes I have a much better chance of remembering my thoughts on the book. Also if there’s a sentence or thought I want to remember, I can jot it down and refer to it later.

So I’m very happy to report I started a reading notes journal in January 2023 and I kept up with it all year. The set up is very simple, a picture of the cover of the book and then my notes. Sometimes I take more notes than other times. It just depends.

As you can see on the journal covers, I just used a sticker or image and I did some (wonky) rubber stamping on vintage paper to add the year. I used the Baron Fig Vanguard dot-grid notebooks. I like their size (I use the flagship size) and that they are soft covers so they are easy to add in my purse or tote bag if I’m reading away from home and still want to take my journal with me.

For my journal for 2024 I did use the first page in the journal to jot down some reading goals (which if you know me, are not set in stone!) and of course had to use some book-themed stickers.

Anyway, I’m excited to continue with this reading notes format and I hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear how you keep track of your reading notes. Do you mark up your books or do you also have a reading journal?

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