Reading Challenges

Last year I only participated in one reading challenge and while I’m not planning to go crazy and jump back into a ton of them, there are a few I would like to do this year. To start off, here are my plans:

Poetry Reading Challenge. This one is hosted by Serena and there are several levels of participation. I’m going to do the third level which involves reading as many books of poetry as you can in one year. I don’t read a lot of poetry but I can usually get in 2-3 books.

Japanese Literature Reading Challenge. Now in it’s 13th year, this one is hosted by Dolce Bellezza and all you have to read is at least one Japanese book. There will also be a read along in March which I probably won’t be able to do but I should be able to read one book for this challenge.

Reading Women Reading Challenge. Given that I mainly read women authors, I thought why not join this challenge. I love it that there are 24 book criteria and even some bonus point books. I think this will be a great way to expand my reading choices.

The other thing I’m challenging myself with is to try to look within my stacks first for books that meet the criteria for these challenges.

I may join a few others later in the year but for now I’m set. So let’s get reading. Let me know if you are participating in any reading challenges this year.

Have a great weekend and more book talk soon!

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