Reading Bits

I started my new year with a mystery (what a surprise) and am getting near the end of it but I’ve also been reading a few other things and wanted to share some of these with you as I think you’ll enjoy them.

First, while going through the holiday shopping madness I read this article about literary Iceland and I love concept of the “Christmas Book Flood.” I love to give books as gifts and I think giving books can be so meaningful although gifting books to other bookworms is sometimes hard because you never know if they’ve already read the book. Anyway, what I really like is the idea of everyone calm, content, enjoying a good book and each other’s company. How nice is that? By the way, did you see the picture of the bookstore? I visited that bookstore several years ago – good times!

Another article which I’ve bookmarked and have to go back to again is this one on the 2012’s Best Mysteries. You know what is a mystery? The fact that I’ve read none of those books! I’ve enjoyed books by all of these authors but have not read these particular ones. Must remedy that soon.

For your viewing pleasure, how about a waterfall of books? I admit if I was passing by I might feel a strong urge to grab a book and give it a new life by turning into an altered book.

Also, I’ve already placed one library hold this year and that’s for the book, Doctor Glas, which the Slaves of Golconda will be discussing at the end of this month. It’s been way too long since I’ve participated in a discussion and I’ve missed that.

Ok, now I really need to get back to my mystery book because I’m about to finish it and I need to know what happened! Have a wonderful weekend and more bookish talk soon.

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