Reader’s Manifesto

Yet another day I’ve spent glued to the news on the Internet. Give me CNN, Salon, NPR, and Univision. While it’s still hard to comprehend what is happening, I am happy to report that my friend, StarGirl, and her family are well. They were lucky to escape Katrina.

Tonight I think I need to find a book that has a good story to reel me in and keep me away from the news. I may have just the ticket. I’ve got Donna Leon’s A Venetian Reckoning, fourth in the Commissario Brunetti series.

Thank you for the recommendations on books on journaling. I will be looking for those next time I’m at the bookstore – which will undoubtedly be sometime this weekend.

As I’m not filled with lots of book talk tonight, you must go check Rick Moody’s This I Believe piece on NPR. Readers Unite!