Reader Recommendations

I always jot down books I’ve read about via all of my favorite book bloggers and this weekend I ended up buying/receiving a few of those recent recommendations. First I received a package from Amazon which had A Favourite of the Gods by Sybille Bedford. I’d never heard of this writer but she made it on Litlove’s favorite reads of 2006 list so I have to check her out right. I see that Susan and I were on the same wavelength too.

My other book was The Soul of Kindness by Elizabeth Taylor which I got from BookMooch. I first heard of Elizabeth Taylor from Ex Libris.

Finally, I bought Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. This is a book I probably wouldn’t have bought before as I don’t really read YA novels but Heather’s rave reviews about it talked me into it. And, I know that there are several others of you who have also enjoyed it a lot.

So thank you in advance to all of you for these recommendations.

I did have some hours of nothing but reading time this weekend but I seem not to be making a dent in any of my current books. I hate it when that happens. Finally, I did step away from the books for a bit and went to a rubber stamping convention/show. I do a bit of rubber stamping in my journals so I thought I’d check out the latest products.

Aren’t those stamps a riot? Well I didn’t get any Mona stamps but I did buy some metallic paints and colored chalks for upcoming projects.

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