Project: Book Organization

My talk about organizing my books is so far just that – talk. I came home tonight, worked out, started another book, and not once did I think about organizing the shelves.

I really want to but I’m feeling overwhelmed. I was asked if I have a system? Sort of… I like to keep my hardbacks, the keepers, together. They are alphabetized but they have their own bookcase. A smaller bookcase is filled with trade paperbacks. The majority of my books, the to be read ones, are jammed into a tall bookcase. I have lots of those.

Other shelves are devoted for poetry books, crafty books and magazines and Spanish books.

I also have a pretty glass-paned cabinet where I keep my signed books, my prized possessions. I have signed books by Margaret Atwood, Carol Shields, Kazuo Ishiguro, Denise Chavez, Isabel Allende and a few others.

So that’s my organization. How do you organize your books?