Playing Catch Up

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I had a very nice one and got to spend time with friends, both in person and over a long phone call, drank some margaritas, went to see Super 8 (very cute) and just enjoyed having a three day weekend.

Before I move on to other bookish news, I have to announce the winners of my Bloggiversary giveaway. Thanks to, the winners are Melody, Roxane and Marg! Again, thank you everyone for making my 7th Bloggiversary a special one indeed.

So remember back in early June I said it looked like the month may be an all mystery one? Well, it was. I only read four books last month but they were all mysteries. I read some good stuff so I hope to tell you about those books soon. I think I need to do some quickie reviews just to get them over with because I have piles of books that I’ve finished back since March or April which I still haven’t gotten around to reviewing. Yikes.

This month, who knows where my reading will take me. I was catching up with Christine this weekend and she highly recommended The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley so I may just have to treat myself to a new book. For now, I’ll be finishing When You Were Mine by Elizabeth Noble. This book sort of annoyed me at the beginning but somehow it still grabbed my attention enough that I want to know how it ends. I should find out tonight.

Alright everyone, now it’s time for me to grab a bowl of very cold watermelon and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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