Plan On It

In a recent Sunday Salon post I mentioned how I was enjoying my Legend Planner and I think a lot of us who love books also love stationery so I wanted to chat a bit about that.

Last year I was using two planners (one for work and one for personal plans) and I know I’ve seen people who use more but that’s just too much for me. This year I decided to consolidate and just use one planner. And, yes, I use stickers, colored pens and what have you, and it works. I love my planner because I feel productive and makes me smile so that’s always a win.

Now the other change I’ve made to my planner and journaling notebooks lineup (I have to do a separate post just on the journals because I use several), is that I’ve started a reading journal. Just a simple A5 grid-notebook from Baron Fig. I was inspired by photos of reading journals on Instagram. I’ve seen a lot of readers keep very detailed and creative journals of their reads and while I’d like to do that, I don’t see the need for it now (or have the time) given that I have this blog where I’m supposed to be recording my reads!

However, I am keeping this reading journal next to my reading chair as a way to take notes while I’m reading. So it’s not decorated other than a tiny print out of the book cover on each page devoted to a book. I like keeping notes of current reads so that when I finally get a chance to review the book I still remember ideas I had while I was reading, names of characters, or any other detail.

I’ve kept reading journals in the past but was never consistent with them but I’m in the mood to give this a go again. Do you keep a reading journal and/or planner?

I am thinking of including more journaling/stationery posts so hope you enjoy this. And, even though I may not be selling my journals I still love bookbinding and other crafts so I’ll be sure to share those adventures.

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