Picking Up

Well that was a bit of at unintended blog break but it was very needed. I haven’t started my new job (later this week) but wrapping up my previous position was a bit tough. I really liked my job but it was becoming more stressful every day and as if that wasn’t enough my commute was draining. Worse than any commute I ever had in Dallas. I’m hoping my new job will be a nice change of pace and I won’t be complaining about my commute as it’s only about 10-15 minutes from my house. Gotta love that!

To top it off I was a bit under the weather as I had to get a tetanus booster and felt a bit off for a couple of days. But enough with the complaing because guess what? I went back to yoga! I’m still being careful with my shoulder but had a good practice today and I was just so happy to be back at my yoga studio.

With all of that my reading has been really off. I haven’t been able to settle down with one book, I’ve started and stopped several books and finally you won’t believe what I ended up reading? One Perfect Rose by Mary Jo Putney – yes, a romance novel!

A friend had given me the book and as nothing was working for me I thought why not and I ended up finishing it in a day and a half. I’ve read romance novels before so I knew what to expect but even so I was entertained. It helped me get through a bit of my reading slump and that is what counts.

So, I am feeling a bit more refreshed and ready to come back to my blog and visit with you guys. I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend and here’s to a great week ahead.

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