Personal Poetry Anthology

Stefanie had a great post recently on creating a personal poetry anthology and oh the memories this brought because I used to collect poems all the time. I’d find a poem in a magazine or book and I’d write it out or make a photocopy of it and stash it away to go back to read time and again.

poetryjournalI haven’t done this in years but I love this idea because I want to be able to go back to those poems that meant something to me. Whether I treasured the poem because a friend shared it with me or because I had just discovered a new poet, my anthology was the poetry journal I could go to at any time and know that I’d find a poem I needed to read for whatever mood.

I think the reason I haven’t done this in so long is really because of my blog. I tend to mention poems here and there but it would be nice to start collecting them again.

I’d like to take this up again but with some adjustments. I never recorded where I first read/heard the poem, or who shared it with me. I think it would be interesting to keep track of that sort of thing. I won’t be doing any poetry analysis because well I don’t really know how but I wouldn’t mind writing down a couple of words on why this poem meant something to me. Essentially, this collection becoming another journal.

In case you were wondering, in this little journal I had some poetry by Pablo Neruda, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Dorothy Parker, and Rainer Maria Rilke to name a few.

So I’ll keep you posted. I’ll try to do a check in on my poetry anthology in the next few months and we’ll see how it’s going. How about you, do you do something like this too? Any ideas or recommendations? Or have you read a good poem recently that you think I should include in my journal?

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