Persephone & Me

I’m delighted to participate in Persephone Reading Week co-hosted by Claire and Verity this week.

Before I tell you about my reading choice I wanted to share with you how Persephone Books came into my life. About 7 years ago, before I had my blog I was an active participant in the Chicklit Forums. Readers gathered to talk about books we liked, books we were reading, to recommend books, etc. and it was through that forum that I first heard of Persephone Books.

Some of the members highly recommended these gems and after hearing about them I knew I wanted to have some on my shelves. Lucky me, around that time I was also planning a trip to visit my friend, Christine, who was then living in Bristol. She’s also a bookish girl so when I mentioned wanting to visit Persephone Books she was game so when we went to London Persephone Books became one of our must-see places. And, that’s how I got to visit the store and finally start my own Persephone collection with a couple of books.

Now, for the reading this week I chose Mariana by Monica Dickens. The story is about a young British girl growing to maturity in the 1930s. I’m not very far into the novel yet but just reading the first paragraph already made me like this girl:

“Mary sometimes heard people say: ‘I can’t bear to be alone.’ She could never understand this. All her life she had needed the benison of occasional solitude, and she needed it now more than ever. If she could not be with the man she loved, then she would rather be by  herself.”

I will post later in the week to tell you how my progress goes but I want to hear about you, how did you hear about Persephone Books and do you have a favorite?

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