Perfect Timing

Enjoyed a nice weekend reading. I finally finished The Rottweiler by Ruth Rendell. It seemed like it took me forever to finish this thriller. It was entertaining but not as good as I expected.

We also went to the movies today and saw Kingdom of Heaven, and finally saw previews for some of the upcoming summer blockbuster movies. I’m looking forward to a bunch of them.

The best part of the weekend though is realizing I’m going to this event! My husband is attending a conference in Chicago and of course I’m tagging along. Who doesn’t want to go to Chicago right? I’ve been busy planning all the sights I want to see because even though I’ve been to Chicago several times it was mainly on business trips and those don’t count. And, now I find out about the book fair? Why this is just like destiny.

So as I count down the weeks until our trip if you have any must see place for me to visit let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll be brainstorming on how to get all the books I buy at the book fair back home.