Paper Love

In my last post I mentioned that my husband was in Germany and two of the presents he brought me were two Flow Books for Paper Lovers! I have been collecting these books since they came out (I have 6 previous books) but when Flow magazine (a Dutch magazine) stopped printing an English version (thanks, COVID – NOT!) and and they stopped distribution in the States, that meant these special edition books also weren’t available here. Luckily I was still able to order these in Germany.

Flow magazine was a wonderful collection articles on art, mindfulness, creativity and encouragement. I loved that they featured articles from artists and designers across the world and miss their magazine so much. For someone who loves paper like I do, their Books for Paper Lovers are a treasure. They feature charming designs, gift tags, stickers, and so much more.

I haven’t been bookbinding much but when I make mixed paper journals I know I can pull sheets from these books to create a fun journal. I also use the paper for stationery when I write letters or notes. Sometimes I take some of the paper and use it in a current journal. I decorate my planner and journals with the tidbits. It’s just so much fun to use these books. The possibilities are endless.

Lark Crafts Publishing in the States also produced some similar styled books, For the Love of Paper.  I have still seen some of these at my local Barnes & Noble so if you are curious about them you could see if your store may have some. I have the original one and also the Botanical one. These are nice but Flow’s are still my favorite.

Let me know if you’ve used these books before or have seen them. Or if you have found something else similar I would love to hear about it! In the meantime, I’ll keep wishing and hoping that Flow will be able to resume publishing the English version of their magazine again.

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  1. May 2, 2023