Paper Goods

It’s no secret that I love paper and today I just wanted to share some paper goodies that have brightened my days recently.

First off, isn’t the lovely lady and the quote from Betty Smith great? In case you can’t quite read the quote, “the world was hers for the reading.” Behind her there is a shelf filled with books. Not only is this artwork from the very creative Jenclair, but when you unfold it there’s a handwritten letter and what’s so cool is that she drew/wrote on a vintage enveloped postmarked October 6, 1933. I love this!

Speaking of letters, next up is Hippocampus, Volume 2. This zine is produced by The Paper Seahorse, a stationery shop in Tampa, Florida. They sell some great paper goodies and if I’m ever in Tampa I’ll definitely check them out. The edition of this zine has articles on improving your handwriting, how to start a local letter writing group and other articles on creativity.

And, if you love stationery stores and all things paper then, I highly recommend the latest issue from Uppercase. This magazine which promotes itself as “for the creative and curious” never disappoints. This edition is a special guide to stationery and paper goods and to highlight the small businesses pursuing their paper-related passions. I tell you, I would love to check out all the places mentioned in this issue. No doubt, I’ll be visiting some of these virtually and doing a bit of retail therapy.

Finally, there is Flow Book for Paper Lovers, No. 8 published by Flow Magazine. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this countless times. I love the magazine and collect these special editions. I’m only missing one of them which I believe was never available in the States but maybe I’ll find it one day. This chunky book has everything… stickers, postcards, specialty papers. It’s just so much fun. The only bummer is that I’ve heard that Flow Magazine is no longer going to be publishing an English language edition due to COVID-19 challenges in the worldwide distribution. Hmm, may be time to resume my German practice as I believe they are still publishing the German language edition.

Now it’s almost the weekend and I’m very excited because I have a three-day weekend so hopefully I can catch up on some reading. What about you, any plans? Hope you have a great weekend ahead and more book talk soon!

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