Despite being able to renew books online every once in a while I’ll still have an overdue book. Granted my library has started sending email notices a few days before items are due so that helps. Apparently though some libraries are eliminating fines for overdue books so as to be seen as more customer friendly.

I can understand how you want to keep your customers happy and be more flexible but honestly I say keep the fines. Otherwise, what would compel someone to bring back a book on time if not a fine?

The article points out that libraries are following in the footsteps of Netflix or Blockbuster who’ve eliminated fines. I don’t know about other libraries but mine doesn’t have countless copies of each book.

If I’m eagerly awaiting the next Janet Evanovich book, which already has more than 100 holds at my library, do you think I’ll ever see it? If it weren’t for the due dates I don’t think it’d ever come back to the library.

So what do you think of fines? Too much, not enough, what fines you always turn in your books on time.