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blantonI hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated Valentine’s day with lunch at a new place, a visit to the museum and time at the bookstore. My kind of day.

It has been a while since we’ve gone to see an art exhibit but this one made up for it. The Blanton Museum of Art had a collection on display from the Judy and Charles Tate collection of Latin American Art, La Linea Continua. When I first read about this I think my mind just zeroed in on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera so I knew I had to go but little did I realize there were only two works on display by them.

leymarcialDon’t worry, I was upset. In fact I was excited to discover art works I hadn’t seen before. I saw paintings by artists from Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American countries. One of my favorite paintings was this one, Ley Marcial by Antonio Berni. I loved this painting because of the bold colors and the fact that the artist even incorporated mixed media in the painting. For example, for the band on the hat he used the metal from tap shoes.

We also visited the museum shop and I was hoping they would have nice postcards from the paintings we saw and they did have a couple but not my favorite ones. Anyway, still a lot of fun.

Finally we went to Barnes & Noble to relax a bit and as I had a coupon I couldn’t let that go to waste so I bought The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. I know so many of you have enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to reading this.

But before I start that book I really need to finish some others in progress and not to mention that I’m only half way through The Last Policeman and I need to finish that soon. Maybe if I hadn’t taken a two hour nap today I would have been able to read more. Oh but that felt good. So how was your weekend?

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