I’ve spent most of the weekend reading and doing a bit of organizing around the house. I feel so accomplished, I finally finished three books that had been lingering on my nightstand for quite a while. I promise to tell you about those soon but let me just say I’m one book away from completing the Summer Mystery Reading Challenge. Isn’t that great?

Also, part of the organizing means I’ve culled down my shelves a bit, and I now have a stack of books to donate to the annual library book sale. My shelves are still overflowing and according to my Bookpedia file I have 858 books (read and unread). I’m pretty sure I have more than that because I know some books haven’t made into my database.

Now it’s time to select the last book for the Mystery Challenge. Ooh, that’s a challenge in itself. Am I in the mood for a cozy, a historical or how about a police procedural. Hmm, I think I’ll find something among those 858 books. I’ll let you know tomorrow which book I ended up choosing.

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