I have a confession to make. Remember I mentioned I was waiting for a box from Amazon? Well what I haven’t told you is that originally I went on Amazon for a gift for my mom but it was late on Sunday when I was doing my shopping. My husband was telling me about the book he wanted, I was browsing and trying to remember some books I wanted and by the end of the evening I had bought the items in my cart but no present for my mom!

It wasn’t until the next day that I got my email confirmation and I realized her gift wasn’t a part of the order. My husband thinks this was just my little conspiracy so that I would have to go back and make another purchase and of course maybe throw in something else for myself. Well, he may be on to something there. haha…

I’m not worried about my mom’s present. I know what I want to get her and actually now that I had a couple of days to think I’ve come up with a better idea so overall a good thing.

What did I get? I read a review of The Leavenworth Case by Anna Katharine Green on NPR a couple of weeks ago and am so curious to read this book. Even though I’m a big fan of mysteries I hadn’t heard of Anna Katherine Green and she’s considered to be the mother of the detective novel. Did you know that?

The other reason why this blog post is titled “Oops” is because I have forgotten to direct you over to Estella’s Revenge E-Zine. Andi, Heather and Melissa have brought back the wonderful zine filled with reviews, author interviews and other bookish columns. I know I’ve missed reading this and I’m excited it’s back. If you haven’t checked it out, go visit.

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