One Thing Leads to Another

New eyes each year
Find old books here,
And new books, too,
Old eyes renew;
So youth and age
Like ink and page
In this house join,
Minting new coin.

~ Library Ode by Philip Larkin

I’ve been reading The Amnesiac by Sam Taylor and one passage was quite offbeat but I liked it because it led me to discover another writer.

The main character, James, is sitting at a bar reading a story by Borges but is interrupted by a man who is starring at him. The man asks if he can sit with him and they start talking, and finally James tells him that he resembles Philip Larkin. The older gentleman, a librarian tells him he is Philip Larkin by default as he took over the poet’s life and memories when the poet died. Odd isn’t it?

Anyway, it was a curious passage but more than anything my mind kept wandering about Philip Larkin and so I looked for some of his poetry and found the poem I posted at the beginning of this post. Isn’t that a good one? I’m not very familiar with Larkin’s poetry but I do like how one book led me to another writer.

Has that happened to you recently? What book/poem/writer have you discovered as a result of another?

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