One Little Problem

I didn’t make the same mistake as I did yesterday. Before I left the house this morning I double-checked that I had a book with me. I grabbed Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe off of my bookshelf and looked forward to enjoying it at lunch time.

I spent the morning answering emails, making phone calls and finally stopping for lunch and for my book.

The book is a mass market paperback, nothing fancy. It has a nice table of contents and also a little introduction by the publishers. But what is this? The table of contents and introduction was fine but what is wrong with the stories and poems?

Not sure who the decision-makers were but a heavy, blurry, and tiny font, do not a perfect reading pleasure make! They should have packaged this book with some Visine and bifocals.

I read it. I’m sure I caused endless eyestrain but I’ve learned another lesson. Never leave the house without several books, just in case.