One Book

I didn’t get very much reading done this weekend as I was spending a lot of time with my mom celebrating her birthday on Friday. We did a bit of shopping and spent a good bit of time watching telenovelas and some other shows. My husband and I did make it to the bookstore for a date night but surprisignly we walked out without a book purchase. Maybe the heat just really messed with our minds.

Anyway, I did manage to finish one book, Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Oh wow was I disappointed with this book. I know I expected a lot after all this is the third in the series that started off with Twilight, which I really loved. But, I was surprised to find some of the characters that I liked all of a sudden become very annoying, and I certainly didn’t care for the conflict between Bella, Edward and Jacob. Most of all the one thing I was expecting in this book to happen didn’t happen. For those of you who are fans I think you know what I mean.

I won’t go in to the book as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but for those of you who read it, did you like it? A fourth book in the series is planned but I think I’ll wait for reviews before checking that one out.

Ah well, I’ve got some other books to go back to and hopefully they’ll turn out better than this one.

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