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doctorsvisit.gifAre you getting your daily dose of good reads? I finally subscribed to Daily Lit and have been enjoying a daily dose of Anton Chekov. Again, with the purpose of reading more short stories I figured this might be a good way to discover some good short reads.

So far I’ve received three installments of A Doctor’s Visit, there are six installments, and it’s interesting because I do like the bit of suspense it builds as I wait until the next day to find out what comes next. I can easily ask for more of the installment, and of course the full text is also available, but this is really a neat way to read a short story. I don’t know how often I’ll request stories but so far it’s been fun.

And, on the subject of short stories I also read A Game of Cards by Rose Tremain yesterday. This story I found via The O. Henry Prize Stories 2008. In about seven pages, the story covers the lifetime of two friends and goes on to exemplify how at one pivotal moment in life, we all know what our life is all about.

“Let me tell you the story of my friend Anton Zwiebel. You will soon realize that any story about Anton Zwiebel is also a story about me, Gustav Perle. In fact, I can’t imagine how I could set down any account of Anton Zwiebel’s life that didn’t include me. I am at the heart of Anton Zwiebel’s life and he is at the heart of mine.”

Gustav and Anton grew up in a Switerzland during WWII but for the lucky boys the war didn’t really affect their childhood. As Gustav narrates the story we find out that Anton became a piano teacher and Gustav a hotelier, and thanks to a visit from a retired English colonel the boys learn to play gin rummy, a game that will be a constant in their lives.

Years pass and the two friends will have some epiphanies about their lives. The paths taken or not and the fears they have. One fears life changing and the other a life without change.

I really liked this story. It made me a bit sad for the loss of a dream, it made me think of jealousy among friends, and yet I also felt some comfort in the end for through it all the two had each other.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more stories in this collection and hopefully more from DailyLit too. Let me know if you’ve found some gems on DailyLit so I can put them in my “TBR email folder”.

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