Once Upon A Time

out3banner6100.jpgIt’s time! Carl V. is once again inviting us to join in the Once Upon A Time challenge for the third year in a row and I am am definitely joining. You can find all the details on his blog and you go to the OUaTIII blog to log in your reads.

There will be mini challenges, author interviews, giveaways, oh my. Lots of fun stuff and of course, there are different levels of participation. I’ve decided to go with the First Quest which involves reading five books that fall within the OUaT III criteria.

Once again, for every challenge I join I try to select books from my stacks so here are the books I’ve chosen. I’ll try to stick with these but I do reserve the right to switch books as I read along.

  • Starfinder by John Marco. This YA Fantasy novel where steam trains and electricity are rapidly changing the world is the story of Moth of Calio, a young boy obsessed with the airships developed by his friend Fiona’s grandfather Rendor, and dreams of taking to the air one day like his heroes, the Skyknights.
  • The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue. Inspired by the W.B. Yeats poem that tempts a child from home to the waters and the wild, The Stolen Child is a modern fairy tale narrated by the child Henry Day and his double.
  • The Onion Girl by Charles De Lint. At the center of all the entwined lives in Newford stands a young artist named Jilly Coppercorn, with her tangled hair, her paint-splattered jeans, a smile perpetually on her lips–Jilly, whose paintings capture the hidden beings that dwell in the city’s shadows.
  • Noctures by John Connolly. A short story collection of lost lovers, predatory demons and vengeful ghosts. Suspenseful stories that are dark, daring and utterly haunting.
  • The Year of Disappearances by Susan Hubbard. In this sequel to The Society of S, the young half human half vampire Ariella is out to discover why humans are disappearing. I really liked The Society of S so I’m looking forward to see what happens next with Ari.

I can’t wait to get started. Hope everyone who’s joining has tons of fun and for those of you who are still thinking about it, c’mon join us!

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