On My Nightstand

First thing, that is not my nightstand just a stock photograph but I would love to have these vintage books. Take a look at the fore edge of the red one. I love paper marbling. And, of course a coffee next to the books? I need to show this to my husband and see if he’ll have this ready for me every morning. Haha…

Anyway, happy October friends. I hope your month has started off with some amazing reads. In my last post I wrapped up my September reads and while I may not have read a lot, I actually do have several books going on so I thought I’d share about those in this post.

First, is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I picked this one up for Banned Book week last week. Did you know that this book the book landed in the eighth spot on the American Library Association’s top ten challenged and banned books list. The story is about a teenager who witnesses the police shooting of her best friend at the hands of police. In late 2017, it was banned by school officials in Katy, Texas, where it was challenged for “inappropriate language.” Oh Texas…. Anyway, I’m more than half way through so more thoughts on this one later.

Another book I’m reading is Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce. This novel is set during WWII and Emmy Lake is desperate to get into reporting. She’d love to be a wartime reporter and thinks she’s found a chance to do so but her great opportunity turns out to be sorting for mail for Mrs. Bird, who responds to letters from readers. Despite that this is a novel set in wartime, there is a lot of lightness to it and it’s really charming and feels like a comfort read.

I’m also listening to Dear Child by Romy Hausmann. A thriller about a woman who was held captive in a shack with two children. When she finally escapes she thinks life may get back to normal but it’s very hard to go back to being the carefree young woman she was. It’s taken me a while to get through this one mainly because I only listen to books when I commute to work and as I’m still mainly working from home, I don’t spend a lot of time on the road. I’ve just had to renew this audiobook for the third time!

Two other books I’m dipping into are Devotions by Mary Oliver. I don’t need to tell you how much I love this. I can see that even when I finish this it will probably be a book I go to time and again. The other read is World of Wonders: In Praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks and Other Astonishments by Aimee Nezhukumatathill. Reading these two together are actually a wonderful complement as they both are books about the magic of nature.

I’m about to start a new book for R.I.P. but I’d like to finish one of these others first. It’s kind of hard not to start my next read especially when I’ve already selected it. We’ll see if I can hold off.

Anyway, let me know if you’ve read any of these or if you think you’ll add one to your reading list.

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