On Display

I think your good wishes worked you guys because we had no rain during the studio tour. Granted, it was cloudy and cold (we were outside) so I think a lot of visitors probably stayed away. Frankly, it was a perfect day for staying indoors with a good book, at least that’s what I would have been doing.

The show wasn’t exactly a success in number of journals sold but I can tell you it was a huge success for me in terms of connecting with other crafters. I love making my journals but this can be quite a solitary adventure and match that with reading, well, I’m always up for meeting new friends.

What impressed me the most was how willing the other artists were to share their knowledge. They talked about their experiences with craft fairs, selling venues, etc. and it was so interesting to hear about that and learn. My intention for the new year (I refuse to say goal!) is to get out there more.

Thanks again for all the good wishes and for sharing in my crafty adventures. I am actually dreaming up a new journal, which I hope can become a new line to carry in my shop. Of course, I’ll show you the progress on it and how it’s working out.

Now, for my next post I promise to tell you about all the new books that have arrived at Casa Bookgirl recently. So many of them sound so wonderful I want to start them all now.

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