Of Books & Catalogs

First, I want to say congrats to Tara who won the ARC of An Incomplete Revenge! I wish I had one for everyone but I will try and share future ARCs so stay tuned.

In other bookish news today I got a wonderful book catalog. I don’t know if I had signed up for this or how my name was added to their mailing list but I’m so glad I got it. David R. Godine Publisher offers quite an eclectic selection of books from original fiction and non-fiction to rediscovered masterworks and books in translation.

I’ve looked through the catalog a couple of times and keep adding new books to my wishlist. Here are just some of the titles that caught me eye:

  • Bilbliotopia – What is the origin of the word “book”? What is the oldest working library still in existence? How many trees must sacrifice their lives to produce a thousand copies of a 96-page volume of verse? These are some of the questions posed (and answered) in this fascinating farrago of literary trivia, a treasure trove of obscure and irresistible facts, definitions, lists, and quotations that touch on every aspect of books, including their authors, publishers, printers, collectors, critics, readers, and enemies.
  • Night Shadows – The fifteen stories that make up this macabre collection straddle the thin line between ordinary anxiety and existential nightmare – written by masters of the genre: M.R. James, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Bowen, Ray Bradbury.
  • Reading in Bed – The essays in this book are not so much about books as about reading. Most of the pieces speak of the writers’ personal experience as readers. Just sample treasures like Nabokov’s “Good Readers, Good Writers,” Calvino’s “Why Read the Classics?” Proust’s “On Reading Ruskin,” or Brodkey’s “Reading, the Most Dangerous Game.”

I also found some books on the craft of bookmaking and for my husband, some books on typography and design. Good stuff so take a peek, I bet you’ll find something you’ll like.

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