Now, That Is A Mystery

As much as I consider myself a mystery fan can you believe I’ve never read a Sherlock Holmes mystery? I’ve seen the big blockbuster movies, I’ve watched the latest BBC production, and I’ve seen some other productions, but I’ve never read one of the stories.

Now I’m getting ready to delve into The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel by Anthony Horowitz. This Holmes-inspired story makes me think maybe I should try to get in a real Holmes mystery first. Unfortunately I don’t think I have enough time to do so as my mystery book group meets next week.

houseofsilk.jpgI am excited about this book:

“He had greeted me warmly, and as I took my place opposite him, I felt the strange sensation that Iw as awakening from a dream. It was as if the last two years had never happened, that I had never met my beloved Mary, married her and moved to our home in Kensington, purchased with the proceeds of the Agra pearls. I could have still been a bachelor, living here with Holmes, sharing with him the excitement of the chase and the unravelling of yet another mystery.”

Now, if I was to read a Holmes mystery first which one would you recommend? Ok, guys, I’m off to read because the game’s afoot!

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