November News

November is a month with a lot of reading projects around the blogosphere and I do enjoy participating in several but this year I am not going to challenge myself to a lot but definitely want to keep some of these in mind.

Nonfiction November: Every year I like to participate in this reading event as I don’t read too many nonfiction books. I have read a couple of nonfiction reads this year and I’ve picked up The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion to read this month.

I’m halfway through this one and not sure what to think about it. It is a memoir about her grief at the death of her husband. I realize everyone processes grief in different ways but this is very stylized writing and somewhat comes across as detached from what happened.

Novellas In November: For this challenge the goals is to focus on novellas which is great because a shorter book in the busyness of the season is sometimes just the thing right? The aim is to read books at around 150 pages with a max at 200 pages.

I have several options for this one but the one I would like to get to is Paradais by Fernanda Melchor, translated by Sophie Hughes. I read Hurricane Season last year by this author and thought it was excellent. This is the story of two teenagers who work in a gated community and how they see society around them. I have high expectations of this one so I’ll keep you posted.

German Literature Month XII: I love participating in this challenge since my husband is German and of course before Covid, we traveled to Germany almost every year since we were married. My goal is to maybe read a German book in the original language one day. Ok, maybe a children’s book but that counts right? Ha.

I have some ideas for what I’d like to read. For example, I’ve been reading some good reviews about books by Julie Zeh and I have a couple of her books on my shelf so maybe this is the year I discover her.

A big thank you to the hosts for the prompts and all the work that goes into coordinating these challenges. My goal is to read at least one book or all of these.

For those of you who want even more challenges don’t forget there’s also #MARM (Margaret Atwood Reading Month); Native American Heritage Month; #NordicNoirNovember (how did I not know about this before!). I’m sure there are many more out there and who knows if I manage to have a bit of extra free time this month I may grab a book for these as well.

Here’s to a great reading month! Let me know if you are joining in on any of these and if so what will you be reading?

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