Novellas in November

I told you I had a lot of reading plans for November. I’m not sure when exactly I’m going to find the time for all these challenges but who doesn’t get excited about reading plans? So another exciting reading event happening this month is Novellas in November hosted by Cathy and Rebecca.

Novellas are somewhere between 100 – 200 pages. For this challenge any genre is valid and you can combine it with other reading events. Cathy recently posted a compilation of novellas by genre, authors who write novellas, nonfiction, etc. It’s fantastic.

It was hard for me to find some novellas on my shelves but I did gather four titles which would fit nicely for this challenge and best of all one would also fit for German Literature reading month and the other would be for my Classics reading challenge. I’m all about stacking them together!

Henrietta’s War by Joyce Dennys (158 pages)
Article 353 by Tanguy Viel; translated by William Rodarmor (160 pages)
Rock Crystal by Adalbert Stifter; translated by Elizabeth Mayer and Marianne Moore (96 pages)
Lady Susan by Jane Austen (80 pages)

I believe there are other reading events going on but this is it. I’m done. I’m actually already thinking about reading challenges in the next year and I think I’m going to be making a change about how I approach some of those.

Anyway, now to select some books for all of these reading events I’m joining and to get settled in for a bit of a longer weekend. I’m taking a day off on Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and more bookish talk soon.

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