Not a Good Start

Remember my resolution about reading one of my books for every library book I’ve read? Well, already I’ve read 3 library books and am in the middle of another one and still have yet to pick up one of my books. So much for that resolution.

I finished The Typhoon Lover by Sujata Massey over the weekend. The mystery wasn’t as strong as in other books but I was happy to have the main character go back to Japan. I love settings in foreign lands.

I was feeling very sluggish today and didn’t feel like picking up a more serious book so I opted for another mystery. I picked up the second in the Eve Diamond series Sugar Skull by Denise Hamilton. I like the main character quite a bit. She’s a tough L.A. Times reporter who always ends up in the middle of a murder investigation.

Off to catch up on my sleep now. Maybe then I won’t feel so sluggish.