No Time to Blog

I really should be reading the 300 or so pages I have left of Birdsong but instead here I am. I hate it when I don’t finish a book on time for my book group discussion. I don’t expect people not to discuss the end but I really don’t want to hear about it because after that my reading experience is just not the same.

And, not only that but how can you contribute to the discussion if you are only half way through a book? So I’ll probably just sit there tomorrow, listen to what everyone has to say, interject a few inane remarks like, “I like the beginning” and after I come home I’ll probably just put the book away not too inspired to finish it.

Okay off I go to make one last attempt at getting further along in the book. I’m now at the part where bombs are going off and bodies are flying, making it even harder for me to embrace this book. Let’s hope there’s not much more of that.