Nice Surprise

I was planning to post about books I checked out from the library and books I’m currently reading. I was even going to do a book meme but wouldn’t you know it, I have something else very exciting to post about.

I’ve been nominated for a Blogette Award! You can go here to vote. You’ll probably see lots of familiar faces and you can always nominate yourself too.

Just think, if I win, I could use the money to put a serious dent in my to-be-bought book list. Of course it wouldn’t all be for me, I’d have to give some to my public library so they could get more books. Oh it’s fun to dream isn’t it.

So a big thank you in advance not only for any votes but also for your kind comments on my book reviews section. Also, have you noticed the links section? There are lots of new lovely blog friends to be found. Alright tomorrow it’s back to regular book obsession talk.