New Year, New Book

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy 2015, friends! I hope you all are ready for a wonderful 2015!

We had a very quiet evening until of course the fireworks around town kept us up until about 1 a.m. Ah well, I managed to get in some reading and as it’s been my tradition in the past couple of years I wanted to start a new book.

After looking through my shelves and books from a recent library visit, I decided to open up Florence Gordon by Brian Morton. From reviews: A wise and entertaining novel about a woman who has lived life on her own terms for seventy-five defiant and determined years, only to find herself suddenly thrust to the center to the center of her family’s various catastrophes. And, I also used a new bookmark from one of my bookish Christmas gifts.

This afternoon we also went to Barnes & Noble to catch up on some magazine reads and enjoy a cappuccino. I think we are starting the year off right, don’t you think?

The rest of the weekend I’m looking forward to working on some craft projects and of course catching up on my reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and I can’t wait to hear what book (or books) you are starting with this year.

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