New Year, New Book

Happy 2023! I hope you’ve all been doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Here we are with a new year and tons of reading possibilities! As usual, I like to start of the year with a new book. I have so many books that I acquired in December that no doubt I’ll be adding more new books to the mix (and more on all of those later!) but for now here’s what I decided to start off the year with:

“But for now, as she and Maud set off to walk to Glaine, she wondered anxiously if Con was right. For Maud did look ridiculously young in her schoolgirl’s blue raincoat, and of course it was true that she had no experience. Fresh from secretarial training, from a delicate childhood and a silly but solicitous stepmother, how on earth would she stand up to old M.?”

From A Winter Away by Elizabeth Fair

Young Maud has moved to the countryside with her cousin and companion in hopes of becoming independent from her stepmother. She’s acquired a job as a secretary to Mr. Feniston but will she do? She’s heard he scared away the previous secretary and she was a woman of experience. Only time will tell if Maud is up to the task.

I wanted something a bit cozy to start off the year and the story sounded interesting, the back cover describes this as a comedy of manners, and the cover was also what swayed me to this book.

This is my first book from the Dean Street Press, Furrowed Middlebrow imprint, which specializes in twentieth-century women’s fiction.

What book are you starting off your year with?

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