New Year, New Book

Happy 2022! I hope you were all able to welcome the new year with health and happiness in your homes. We actually had our Christmas on new year so that was fun. One of my gifts was the perfect book for the start of the year.

This beautiful book is A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year. Every day there is a poem to celebrate the seasons. There are some sweet illustrations too (yes, I’ve already taken a pick throughout it) and I’m just excited to have something to help me relax and and let go of the crazy and busy of the day.

I typically start the year with a new novel but I’m still carrying over several books from last year so I’d like to finish one before starting a new one.

I’m still not reading a lot because I helping my mom with medication reminders and other daily living activities but I’m very happy to report that she’s been very good about doing her exercises and has started walking a bit with her walker. We’ve already had one home health visit and now just need to keep positive and looking forward to better days.

Speaking of looking forward, I have a bunch of new books I need to tell you about. These were some purchases I made over December and all have arrived. And, yes, I still have reviews to post. I’m so excited about a new reading year. I always look forward to exciting new reads!

Anyway, thank you again for all the good wishes and prayers for my mom. We all appreciate them! I’d love to hear about the book(s) you’ve started your year with. Are you starting a new series or discovering a new author?

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