New Year, New Book

Welcome 2021! I hope you all had a nice New Year celebration and you are welcoming this year with lots of hope in your hearts. Our celebration consisted of watching some a show on Netflix (I highly recommend Undercover) and eating some good food.

Now though let’s talk about the first read of the year because I feel like every year I hope the first book will set me off on a great adventure and this year I picked up A Room with a View by E.M. Forster. A story set in Italy and that will allow our characters to look into a world far different from their own, a world unconcerned with convention and unfettered by social rituals.

I thought, this will be the perfect armchair travel book to take me beyond my world as we still can’t travel. We were in Italy in 2013 and although we were there for two weeks it wasn’t nearly enough.

After a bit of reading and lunch we then set off on another trail walk. I think this is now becoming our Christmas and/or New Year’s tradition. If the weather is good then there’s nothing like going out to greet the day and enjoy nature. There’s always something interesting to see.

Anyway, I hope your reading year has started off with a great read. I’m still bringing over a couple of books from December and no doubt I’ll add a few more books to the pile soon. Oh and I haven’t told you about my new bookish arrivals yet. I did get some books for Christmas and a B&N gift card so I’ll probably save all that for another post. Let me know what you’ve started reading and if you got any new books as gifts.

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