New Year, New Book

Happy New Year, Happy 2018!

Whether you were celebrating on a large scale or had a quiet night, I hope you’re ready for another year in reading adventures. We spent a nice afternoon at Barnes & Noble on Sunday and listened to a lot of fireworks in the evening but no parties for us. Mainly I was playing with some of my Christmas goodies my husband got me. A new journal, some new markers and a new fountain pen! I can’t stop writing with it.

Anyway, this post is about starting off the year with a new book. While I’m carrying over a couple of reads into the new year, I also love to start something new. I have some library books I could have chosen from but I wanted to select a title from my shelves and I went with How to Travel Without Seeing by Andres Neuman.

I mainly chose this book because it focuses on Latin America which is an area of the world I’ve neglected a bit in my reading, it’s a translation, and it’s published by an indie press. Plus, it’s about travel and if I can’t be on a plane or train to somewhere exciting right now I can at least read about it.

So did you start the year with a new book? Don’t forget that Sheila also has a wonderful round-up posts of others who participate in the First Book of the Year. So neat to see all the book choices.

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