New Releases for June

There is no shortage of new books this summer. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for these advance review copies:

In a Dark Mirror by Kat Davis. Twelve-year-old Maddie Thompson and her friend Lana share a love of horror stories and wild imaginings. But Lana insists they are too old for pretending. It’s time for a different game: serving Him, a figure she sees lurking in the dark. Creepy! On sale 6/4/2024.

The Road to the Country by Chigozie Obioma. Set in Nigeria in the late 1960s, this is an epic story of a shy, bookish student haunted by long-held guilt who must go to war to free himself. When his younger brother disappears, Kunle must set out on an impossible rescue mission. On Sale 6/4/2024.

The Sons of El Rey by Alex Espinoza. Ernesto Vega has lived many lives, yet he has always worn a mask. He was discovered by a local lucha libre trainer at a time when luchadores—Mexican wrestlers—were treated as daredevils or rock stars. Ernesto found fame, but at great expense, nearly costing him his marriage. On sale 6/11/2024.

The New Tourist by Paige McClanahan. A non-fiction page-turning exploration of how tourism has shaped the world, for better and for worse—essential reading for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the implications of their wanderlust. On sale 6/18/2024

Love Letters to a Serial Killer by Tasha Coryell. An aimless young woman starts writing to an accused serial killer while he awaits trial and then, once he’s acquitted, decides to move in with him and take the investigation into her own hands in this dark and irresistibly compelling debut thriller. On sale 6/25/2024.

The Mirror of Simple Souls by Aline Kiner; translated by Susan Emanuel. This novel of medieval Paris sold over 100,000 copies in France and offers a fascinating insight into the world of the beguines — communities of women who lived independently of men and successfully managed their own affairs all the way back in the Middle Ages. On sale 6/25/2024.

I can’t tell which one I would start with first – how about you? Let me know if you’ve heard of these and if you’ve added any one to your TBR list.

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