New Releases for June

It’s time to take a look at some books that are releasing this month. Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the review copies.

Girl One by Sara Flannery Murphy. Josephine Morrow is Girl One, the first of nine “Miracle Babies” conceived without male DNA, raised on an experimental commune known as the Homestead. When a suspicious fire destroys the commune and claims the lives of two of the Homesteaders, the remaining Girls and their Mothers scatter across the United States and lose touch. Who doesn’t enjoy a good dystopian novel?

The North Face of the Heart by Dolores Redondo; translated by Michael Meigs. Amaia Salazar, a young detective from the north of Spain, has joined a group of trainees at the FBI Academy in Virginia. Her case will involve finding an elusive serial killer dubbed “the Composer.”

The Shining Life by Harriet Kline. Ollie is eleven years old and he hasn’t yet met a Killer Sudoku he can’t solve, but he finds the world around him difficult. People don’t say what they mean, and he hates being wrong. And now, a sudden tragedy teaches him there is no easy answer to the problem of grief. This sounds bittersweet.

Learning to Talk to Plants by Marta Orriols; translated by Mara Faye Lethem. Paula’s partner has died in a car accident – but no one knows her true grief. Only hours before his death, Mauro revealed that he was leaving her for another woman. Another story about grief but with an adult protagonist.

We Two Alone by Jack Wang. Set on five continents and spanning nearly a century, We Two Alone traces the long arc and evolution of the Chinese immigrant experience. I typically don’t read that many short stories but I’d like to explore more.

In the Mirror, A Peacock Danced by Justine Bothwick. Love the title and cover. Set against the lush backdrop of early 20th-century India this is a story of one woman’s journey back to herself.

Let me know if any of these spark your interest and if you were to pick up one which one would you choose?

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