New Releases for July

Today is a look at some of the new releases this month that I’m looking excited about. Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the review copies.

Together We Will Go by J. Michael Straczynski. Mark Antonelli, a failed young writer looking down the barrel at thirty, is planning a cross-country road trip with several other passengers. All fellow disheartened souls who have decided that this will be their final journey—upon arrival in San Francisco, they will find a cliff with an amazing view of the ocean at sunset, hit the gas, and drive out of this world.

I Couldn’t Love You More by Esther Freud. An unforgettable novel of mothers and daughters, wives and muses, secrets and outright lies. A novel that spans three generations of women.

Embassy Wife by Katie Crouch. Persephone Wilder is the wife of an American diplomat in Namibia. The consummate embassy wife, she takes the newest trailing spouse, Amanda Evans, under her wing. Both women will have to decide how far they will go to keep their families intact and how much corruption can they ignore.

Intimacies by Katie Kitamura. An interpreter has come to The Hague to escape New York and work at the International Court. A woman of many languages and identities, she is looking for a place to finally call home.

The Woman from Uruguay by Pedro Mairal; translated by Jennifer Croft. Lucas Pereyra, an unemployed writer in his forties, embarks on a day trip from Buenos Aires to Montevideo to pick up a book advance. The small fortune might mean the solution to his problems, most importantly the tension he has with his wife. What keeps him going are the thoughts of a woman from he met at a conference and has been longing to see ever since.

The Retreat by Elisabeth de Mariaffi. Maeve Martin arrives at the High Water Center for the Arts, a gorgeous lodge nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains, determined to do one thing: begin her own dance company. However an avalanche strikes at the isolated snowy retreat trapping Maeve with six other guests. Then the first guest meets an unspeakable death.

I don’t know where to start but I’m leaning towards Intimacies simply for the setting. We were in The Hague several years ago and had such a fantastic time. What do you think of these titles? Let me know if some of these have already landed on your wishlist?

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